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At To the Point Software, we specialize in developing applications for hand-held devices and sales force automation. We provide Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Route Accounting, and wireless (Pre-sell) solutions that work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, and Intuit Quickbooks.

Food is our bread and butter because we account for every aspect of its handling and delivery but is not the only vertical that we are in. Think of EzRoute and EzRouteDE as a horizontal vertical. Our application has been designed to track lot numbers and catched/random weights only on items that require those attributes to be tracked. For other items such as reading glasses, we have created matrices that make ordering diopters a breeze. Thus, you can apply the same on concept for clothing items that require size/color matrices for easy ordering.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and accounting software that we integrate with are used to as a host platform to our solutions. We expand these ERP's and accounting software with additional functionality such as Route Accounting and Pallet Based Warehouse management solution to provide a one-stop-shop experience for our customers.

The EzRoute family of products were designed for medium and small business size companies. We help customers that have as little as three route salesman to customers who have a national sales force consisting of hundreds of sales reps.

We have been helping customers with Route Accounting and Pre-sell needs since 1999.