EzRouteDE is essentially the same as EzRoute, but for the Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 platform. It supports the same functionality as EzRoute, but it lacks the ability to DEX because laptops lack the necessary hardware support for DEXing. The size of the equipment also matters as EzRoute works mainly with hand-held computers and EzRouteDE with desktops or laptops.

In addition to EzRoute’s functionality, EzRouteDE adds support for sales budgets and full report printing using Crystal Decisions. You can create your own reports and deploy them using our report launcher. This is the perfect tool for salespeople who are on the road as it supports Invoices, Orders, Consignment, Merchandising, Returns, and Credits.

In Delivery mode, users normally load orders into their truck and computers (e.g., laptops, thin pads) that were previously sent by a Pre-seller. If necessary, EzRouteDE allows users to change the orders on their computers on the spot.

In DSD mode, also known as Peddle, users drive with their own inventory without any pre-loaded orders. The software keeps track of the inventory and generates sales transactions such as invoices and credits.

In Pre-sell mode, users can take and place orders that will be delivered later on by a different team (typically in Delivery mode). Most users will use this


  • Customizable price levels
  • National Accounts for chain stores
  • Budgets by customer and product class
  • Cross reference scanning by products, cases, and packs
  • Receivables
  • Sales transactions such as Orders, Invoices, Returns, Credits, and Consignments
  • Inventory tracking of delivery vehicle
  • Synchronize Routes