EzRoute is a mature route accounting hand-held application with  lots of functionality. The software has three different modes: Delivery, Direct Store Sales (DSD), and Pre-sell.

In Delivery mode, users normally load orders into their trucks and hand-held device that were previously sent by a Pre-seller. If necessary, EzRouteDE allows users to change the orders on their computers on the spot. Even though users can DEX in all three modes, they will probably use EDI in Delivery because you have the advantage of knowing the customers orders ahead of delivery and therefore you can EDI the orders rather than DEXing them.

In DSD mode, also known as Peddle, you will drive with your own inventory without any pre-loaded orders. The software will keep track of you inventory, generate sales transactions (such as invoices and credits), and DEX. With DEX, you can define multiple store trading partners and multiple brand selling partners. This is why EzRoute is ideal for distributors who carry different brands and have to sell and DEX under the brand names.

In Pre-sell mode, you can take and place orders that will be delivered later on by a different team (typically in Delivery mode).


  • Customizable price levels
  • National Accounts for chain stores
  • Cross reference scanning by products, cases, and packs
  • Receivables
  • Sales transactions such as Orders, Invoices, Returns, Credits, and Consignments
  • Inventory tracking of delivery vehicle
  • Synchronize Routes